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I'm honored that you would consider having me speak at your event. This information will help me discern whether I can serve you well.

contact name *
contact name
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contact phone number
This information is helpful even if your event is within driving distance from South Bend, IN (where I live), because I may be traveling from another location depending on my schedule.
are you able to cover travel expenses for me or me plus one? *
Expenses include airfare, car rental or mileage expense, hotel lodging, and meals. In order to make the most of my time on the road, I try not to travel alone, bringing along a friend or ministry partner.
I don't have a set speaking fee, and money isn't the only factor involved in determining whether I'd be a good fit for your event. However, I want to steward both time and money well, so it's part of the equation.
Please indicate date and time.
Please indicate date and time.
details here include: main session or breakout? one talk or more? the same talk presented multiple times? length of talk?