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I grew my chops as a teaching pastor and senior leader at Granger Community Church, a church of about 5,000 people gathering near South Bend, IN, known for its creativity and innovative communication, and now I'm in a new season, leading a new adventure called South Bend City Church

Any audience is a privilege, but I'm wired for college students, church leaders, artists/creatives, people who are curious about Jesus but would never identify as 'christian', and anyone who's willing to see things differently. 

What you can expect: 

  • an earnest speaker: I'll do everything I can (and trust God to the stuff that only He can do) to speak honestly and faithfully about Jesus.
  • a hard working speaker: I'll tailor my content to your context.
  • a responsive speaker: I'll be easy to reach as we nail down details and prepare for your event. 
  • a relational speaker: I'll take advantage of opportunities to connect with your team when I'm not on the platform.
  • an encouraging speaker: I'll use the platform to build up your team and affirm your leadership.