Belfast, Raleigh, and a new teaching series on the SBCC podcast


In October, I’ll be preaching for a couple of beautiful communities, and if you’re in the neighborhood, I’ll hope you’ll come by!

  • Sunday, October 6, I’ll be back with our friends at Redeemer Central Church in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

  • Sunday, October 27, I’m looking to make some new friends at Church on Morgan in Raleigh, North Carolina.

In other news, I just concluded a three-week teaching series at SBCC on Sacred Questions. We talked about showing up even when we’re not cleaned up, about desire, and about fear. You could feel the bravery and the tenderness in the room as people allowed their lives to be opened up with the questions that God asks, and while I won’t speak for anyone else, I’ll just say that I’m still recovering. If you want to follow along, just look for South Bend City Church on your favorite app!

Jason Miller