I'll be talking with Kevin Kelly about the future of spirituality and technology.


On the evening of Wednesday, April 10, I’ll be interviewing Kevin Kelly about the future of spirituality and technology. Kevin is a founder of Wired Magazine and bestselling author of books like The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future and What Technology Wants. This event is part of IDEA Week 2019, in partnership between South Bend City Church and the University of Notre Dame. Here’s a full description of our session:

As technological advances have given rise to everything from social media to artificial intelligence, humanity has experienced unprecedented opportunity for connection and faces the prospect of radical disruption. The questions posed by these advances aren’t merely technical or economic; they’re deeply spiritual, too. What does the advance of technology mean for those who consider themselves spiritual? How do we live empathetically while being exposed through technology to seemingly limitless narratives of need, suffering, and injustice? Should our understanding of the uniqueness of a human person be revised as we begin to create devices which mimic our intelligence? How should we negotiate competing moral visions when programming morality into those devices? Do ancient faith traditions speak meaningfully to these modern questions? And how do these emerging technologies offer constructive help for our spiritual journeys?

Plan to stick around after the interview for the chance to hang out with Kevin and your fellow IDEA week participants, featuring a cash bar and food trucks.

This is a limited seat event, and it will definitely max out. In order to reserve a seat, get yourself a free registration for IDEA Week. Then create a schedule account through their website, and add this session to your schedule. Once it’s on your schedule, you’ve got a seat!

Jason Miller