follow up to our science & faith forum

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Thanks to Colin Mangham, Mike McHargue, and hundreds who participated, tonight's forum on science and faith was challenging, thought-provoking, and truly hopeful. I promised to post links for follow-up resources. What follows will be helpful whether you attended or not. 

First, resources related to Colin's work with Biomimicry:

In addition to Colin's own site, he recommends visiting and Also, I mentioned tonight that my first encounter with biomimicry came from finding a TED talk from biologist Janine Benyus, which eventually led to meeting Colin and having him with us at the forum. That TED talk is fantastic, and you can find it here. 

Now, resources related to Mike's presentation:

I first heard Mike do his thing in an interview with comedian Pete Holmes. It's long, but totally worth your time. He tells his story (the one he didn't have time to talk about tonight) and also digs into some of the neuroscience/theology stuff. If you don't have a couple hours or would prefer video, check this out instead. Mike is part of a group called the Liturgists, who have produced some helpful liturgies for anyone looking to implement some of the insight he offered about how to approach prayer. Mike blogged a series on doubt that many will find helpful, and his blog includes a reading list of books that tackle issues related to science and faith. 

Finally, both Mike and Colin recommended Khan Academy for general educational resources. 

*Thanks, Mark Beeson, for the pics from tonight!!

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