an invitation


I thought we'd experiment with something this week. 

There are big plans coming up for the blog: during Lent, we're going to ask some questions of Jesus's death. A special post on Ash Wednesday (March 5th), a special post on Good Friday (April 18th), and six Mondays in between. There is so much to explore in that moment. So many questions people have brought over the centuries, and so much they have found. 

But that's a few weeks away.

I haven't intentionally sought out a lot of interaction here on the blog so far. I wanted to get the writing going first, one thing at a time. But now that we're into this a little ways, I wonder if all of you who are following the blog would be willing to weigh in. 

The mantra here is "let's ask better questions and tell better stories." Do you have a question that you're wrestling with? A questions that might lead to a better story?

I'm not the answer guy. (Thank goodness, right?!) But I'm fascinated by questions. They shape our communities and draw us together in deep ways. And we could get under the hood together and look at how those questions are operating in our lives. But that requires you guys to chime in!

So this week, would you guys be willing to offer up your questions? You can write them in the comments section on this post, or you can head to the 'contact' link on the top of this page to submit them. They could be questions about Jesus or beauty or the Bible or something that we're tackled already on the blog. They can be personal or theological or creative. It's up to you guys to shape the next few weeks here, so bring it on!