a few referrals for advent

I had planned to kick off an advent series this week. We would talk about waiting. Hoping. Preparing. Expecting. 

However, this weekend brought some unexpected preaching duties when my lead pastor lost his voice. 

So instead I'm going to offer a few referrals.

If you haven't tuned into GCC over the past few weeks, we've talked a lot about preparing. You can check out the services at the GCC Vimeo page. You'll find the end of our series on The End, and the first two weeks of our Christmas series (the second week will be posted Monday midday). I know it's a cop out, but hey, you'll see me preaching on those videos, so hopefully it's some consolation. Or maybe that's a disappointment. If so, maybe this next referral will help. 

What I'm really excited to refer you to is Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb. Andrew wrote a beautiful, soul-stirring work about the coming of Christ. He's been performing it since 2000. For each of the past few years, I've made a point of finding a quiet night in December to sit alone with this album. I turn most of the lights off and sit in the music and ask God to help me open my heart to Him as if it were the first time, as if I were a part of the events of the first Christmas. And each year it moves me deeply. If you're looking for something meaningful and soulful to do to prepare for Christmas this year, I can't recommend this highly enough. The link above takes you to a web player, but you can also find the album on iTunes

Next week I'll return to some real writing for us. But for now, I hope you find yourself waiting and hoping and preparing and expecting. This is advent.