katie miller | rock star

There may have been a day when I had too much ego to admit that I needed help, but that seems like a long time ago now.  These days, I’m regularly reminded that my team deserves my best, and I need help giving it to them.  With that in mind, I am absolutely stoked to introduce you to my new administrative assistant, Katie Miller!

Katie is sharp, kind, proactive, and a lot of fun to work with.  She and her husband, Jeremy, are committed to following Jesus wherever He leads, and I’m grateful that the journey has led Katie to our team.  She’s ready to dive into the beautiful chaos that we call Creative Arts, and we’re ready for her!  This won't be an easy job, but that's why we're so excited to have found someone like Katie, with the strength she'll bring to the role.  

Chances are, you’ll encounter Katie sometime soon.  If you’re on the team at GCC, I hope you’ll help me in making her feel welcome. 

Katie, we’re glad you’re with us!!