help Seth with his CD project

If you've been around Granger for a little while, you know Seth Bible.  He came to us several years ago, at first driving out to Granger from his home in Ohio to lead worship every time Merge, our college-age ministry, met.  After wracking up quite a few miles, he decided to move to Granger to serve in our ministry.  We didn't have a job to offer him, so he started working at Starbucks to pay the bills while he led us in worship.  Eventually we were able to bring him on part-time as our GSM students' worship leader.  Seth got married in August and is looking forward to the next step in his adventure.  He's been a prolific songwriter for quite some time now, and it's time for him to create a high quality, full length cd project.  

You might be surprised to discover how much it costs to create a first-rate recording; it's not cheap.  Most artists just can't do it without the backing of a label.  But with a label comes a lack of the artistic independence that protects the uniqueness of an artist's voice.  i love Seth's voice -- not just the voice that he sings with, but the voice he writes with that speaks honestly about his own journey -- and I want him to stay true to it.  Helping him do this project independently means he can get started on the right foot.

The good news is you can help him, too!  Seth and Sarah have set up a fundraising project on Kickstarter where you can help them reach their goal.  No money will be passed onto the project unless they meet their goal, so you can be assured that any money you give will be a part of a project that is going to be top notch.  If you've been impacted by Seth's ministry, would you consider making an investment in the project?  You can hear more about it from Seth himself on his blog, or head to Kickstarter to back the project!