"smallest part" song available

One of the reasons I originally started this blog was to have an easy way to give you guys my songs (there are two of them... don't get too excited).  I'm finally getting around to doing that.  

If you click on the link above that says 'MY SONGS', you can download audio and video versions of each.  One of the songs is called "smallest part", and it's a prayer song that I have to return to about once a week.  I've heard of pro golfers that take lessons after years on the tour, starting from scratch and rebuilding their swing because bad habits creep in on the tour.  I'm not a pro Christian, but I have been following Jesus for most of my life.  Still, it feels like I need to go back to square one and build all over again pretty frequently.  Bad habits creep in, like thinking I can do this on my own, or wanting to avoid God because I'm so far from what He is.  When they do, I need to pray, but I pray better with songs than silence, so this is one of my prayers.  

You can preview it right here.  Head to the download page if you'd like a copy. 

Smallest Part from Jason Miller on Vimeo.