ready for a good story...

In just a couple of days, we'll jump back into Journey Bible Classes at GCC.  We spent the summer as a church giving our energy to summer camps for youth, family travel, mission trips, and all the other ways that we take advantage of the different rhythm of summer break, so this will be our first Wednesday night since May that we've gathered for Journey.  Today I'm studying for the class I'll be teaching, but I'm also taking some time to remember why we study and teach.  

I read this on Erwin McManus's website today and was moved by it:

"Preaching must be more than moving toward doctrinal soundness, more than simply calling people toward life application. Preaching must elevate the stories of God that draw a picture of what life can be like for everyone."

THAT is what gets my heart beating fast.  God is up to something much bigger than doctrinal statements.  It's not that doctrine doesn't matter, but it's possible to have every 'i' dotted, every 't' crossed, without learning to see the world as God sees it, brimming with possibility.  He invites us to lean into His vast resources as we grieve the reality of sin and move from death to life.  This kind of stuff is bigger than checking 'bible study' off of our religious to-do list.  

It's one thing for us to have private moments of revelation as we read Scripture and try to understand.  It's another thing altogether when we collectively encounter the Story of God's interaction with the world He loves in a way that gives birth to new dreams, fresh vision, and greater hope for what's ahead for His Church.  That's my prayer for our Wednesday nights together.  I hope I'll see you there!