kicking and screaming

I spent an amazing few days in California this weekend. More on that in another post.

While I was there, I had some down time. I figured I’d seize the moment and tackle some email. When I opened Entourage (a.k.a. Outlook for Mac), I had about 2,250 emails in my inbox. A few hours later, I had it down to about 1,500. Right now I’ve got 325 new messages in my Facebook inbox. And I’m averaging only 1.2 posts per week on this blog.

I say all of that for two reasons. First, to explain why some of you have emailed me and haven’t heard back. I’m really sorry. I suck at this stuff. Second, to explain why I’ve been so hesitant to use Twitter. It feels like every new communication or social networking medium one adopts becomes one more obligation in a life that’s already heavily committed.

However, I picked up The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman to read on the plane coming home yesterday, and I’m sold. Friedman offers a hard-to-refute depiction of a world that is becoming exponentially smaller and more connected. While not unaware of the potential risks associated with all of this cataclysmic change, he offers two other points right away.

  • It’s happening whether you like it or not. Try to dig your heals in and you’ll just be left behind.
  • There is unbelievable good that can be achieved through all of this technology.

I tend towards the negative, mindful of what horrible sin humans can commit. My feelings on the matter are informed by my theology. However, my theology also tells me that we’re made in the image of God, firmly embedded with great potential for creative accomplishment. And when we do that creating WITH God, in His Spirit, we’re living out the Kingdom. If I don’t have eyes to see how this could play out within the already-upon-us world of hyperconnectivity, I’d better check my vision.

There’s one other reason I’m jumping into Twitter right now: Tim Stevens has been egging me on with Twitter for months. He’s out of the office this week, so I figure I should jump in when he’s not here to say “I told you so”.

My user name? commonjason. Hopefully I’ll see you there.