what are you gonna do about it?

Pastors really like the story in Exodus 4. I think it’s because it preaches well. Moses has been tapped by God to do something about the enslavement of the Israelites under Egyptian oppression, and he doesn’t really think God can use him.

Moses: What if the Egyptians don’t believe that you sent me?

God: What’s in your hand?

Moses: A staff.

God: Throw it on the ground (and see what I can do with a staff).

The staff turns into a snake, which becomes a sign to the Egyptians of God’s power in Moses’ life. God uses the one thing Moses has in hand.

I got to spend a few minutes tonight with a couple of guys who figured this one out. Rob and AJ, the morning show DJs at u93, have been using their platform to turn our community’s attention to the problem of child abuse. They’re living on the roof of Martin’s Supermarket all day and night, sweating it out to tell the stories that no one speaks of, and raising funds for prevention.

I’m not sure what problem is in front of you, but I’m confident that you’ve got something in hand, God-given, that He can use to fight the battle for you. It might take some creativity; it’ll definitely take some courage. But you’ll be stronger on the other side of whatever is ahead for you.

BTW, You’ve still got time if you want to donate to the RoofSit effort. Call 800.853.KIDS. Or better yet, stop by the RoofSit at the corner of Ironwood and SR23 to drop off your donation. While you’re there, say thanks to Rob and AJ for their leadership in our community this week.