some Dallas Willard for your Monday...

Just wrapped up Knowing Christ Today by Willard.  Here's a quote from the last chapter:

"... the focus of discipleship to Christ is not the church, but the world.  If it is focused on the church, it will stagnate and leave most people at dead end, for their life is not the church.  Discipleship is for the sake of the world, not for the sake of the church.  It is carried out in those situations where people spend their life.  Above all, the 'world' is work, the realm of creativity for which most human beings were created according to Genesis 1:26.  For most people that means our job -- our position if you like.  Unfortunately, discipleship as Christian groups now teach and practice it, where they do so at all, consists mainly of 'special' activities of various kinds, religiously characterized, motivated, and organized.  But we recall Peter Berger's lifesaving words: 'the revelation of God in Jesus Christ... is something very different from religion.'  It concerns our work in life.  It is this that God redeems, and with it our life, and with it our souls."

What do you think?