free stuff!

Most of you know that we offer training events throughout the year at GCC for pastors and church leaders.  Check out for details.  Every one of these events offers practical advice from the lessons we're learning in ministry.  We've got another round of workshops coming up on June 25-26, and I'm making you a special offer.  

If you're a pastor or church leader who's planning on coming, I want you to bring a friend.  Specifically, bring an 18-25 year old from your church who is or will be leading in ministry.  They don't have to be a staff member or intern.  Just someone who gets the fact that you don't have wait until you're 40 to serve and lead.

One of the biggest gifts I've received while at GCC is the encouragement and empowerment that leaders who are older than me have offered.  Guys like Butch Whitmire, Rob Wegner, Mark Waltz, Tim Stevens, and Mark Beeson have made sure young guys like me have a seat at the table and a role to play.  There's a wealth of potential in the young adults in your church, and I'd bet money they're just waiting for the invitation to throw themselves into ministry.

If you've got someone in mind, email  Share a little about your church and the 18-25 year old you'd like to bring.  Don't forget to tell me which workshop you're attending, too.  You've got until Friday.  Then I'll pick one of the submissions, and the 18-25 year old will get a free registration for the event.  I hope this helps you make an investment in someone who could have an impact on the Church for decades to come!