today was a special day

Two very important and satisfying things happened today.  The NCAA tournament ended, and the Cubs season began.  

I'm sorry.  I know it's heresy for an Indiana guy to not love college basketball.  But I've tried.  Really.  I'm sure it's because I'm not savvy to something about the game, but I can't get into basketball.  Scoring seems insignificant.  And I hate watching indoor sports.  

I need to be a little delicate here; my boss, Butch Whitmire, is an MSU alum and avid fan.  Sorry for the loss, Butch.  But for a guy who doesn't like basketball, March can be a real pain.  It's on in every restaurant and bar and it's the only thing your buddies want to watch.  So today was a special day.  

But the real gem today was Cubs baseball firing back up (with a win).  It testifies that summer's almost here, in spite of all that white stuff that fell last night.  I'm feeling a trip to Chicago soon, just to get into the spirit.  

Here's to summer (for those of us who still believe it'll eventually come).