so what?

A few of us from GCC are at Q Conference in Austin, TX, this week.  Presenters are given 18 minutes to deliver their very best stuff.  The content is dense.  Today’s presentations covered everything from mission to nuclear proliferation, from the impact of technology on our spirituality to the dynamics of suburban population growth.  If you’ve been to a church conference or some other type of concentrated learning experience, you know how this feels. 

In the next week or so, I’m going to need some dedicated time set aside to process everything we’re receiving here.  It’ll require me to be unavailable to other, seemingly more ‘urgent’ tasks.  But it’s going to be really important. 

It’s easy to generate a flurry of activity in ministry, but much more difficult to sustain meaningful movement.  Activity only requires energy in some form.  Meaning requires a ton of clarity.  For me to lead well, I have to take several steps beyond receiving this information.

Have you received information lately that you haven’t done anything with?  Maybe you read something in the Bible that stood out to you.  Maybe someone you love told you something about yourself that you weren’t aware of.  Maybe the family you lead as a father or mother is showing early signs of fracture from stress.  But are you going to move beyond receiving the information? 

I’ll be asking some questions in the next few days.  What did I hear?  Is that what was actually said?  Does that square with my understanding of God, the world, and myself?  Does it square with the story that Scripture tells?  And then, what do I do about it?  What’s my next step? 

If I can move beyond the “what?” of information to the “so what” of transformation, this will be a really valuable experience.