lots of servants

When I came on staff at GCC, my role as a worship leader meant that most of my work was confined to the Creative Arts department.  However, when I jumped into college-age ministry, that all started to change.  Leading MERGE has meant working with our Connections team under Mark Waltz’s leadership.  Taking that step began to open my eyes to the incredible effort that other teams exert to make ministry happen.

About six weeks ago, we signed the contract to bring Hillsong London to our church, and I had no idea at the time how significantly this event would continue that process.  For the past month and a half, I’ve been experiencing a non-stop discovery of our ministry teams. 

  • I’ve learned about the intentionality with which our security team operates. 
  • I’ve gained firsthand experience with the veritable army of volunteers who make guest services/first impressions work every time we open our doors to the public.  
  • I’ve seen the difference it makes when your teammates offer world-class skill with communications and promotions.
  • I have a better sense of what it takes to keep our campus and auditorium looking great and functioning well. 
  • And even though I knew it all along, I’ve been reminded again how blessed I am to work with the incomparable staff and volunteers in Creative Arts at GCC.

From the moment we decided we were doing this, I never heard the word “no”.  All I ever encountered was person after person willing to make the night happen.  There are so many people have come together to carry the ministry at our church, and I’m really grateful.

The next time you’re ministered to, whether at GCC or somewhere else, will you stop and say ‘thanks’?  Offer a prayer to God and a smile to the person who made it happen, and assume there are more servants behind the scenes than you could ever imagine.