inspiration from Hillsong

Last night, Hillsong London came to GCC to worship with us.  (Thanks to Mark Beeson for this picture).  I’ve got about a dozen posts to write about this whole experience, about what I had to learn, about its impact on our worship team, about my gratitude for a senior pastor who would get behind something like this, about my heart for our church and our worship… but let me start with this:

I’m SO grateful for people who remind me how big God is.  Sometimes inspiration is underrated.   I need people who don’t care how foolish or crazy it sounds when they proclaim God’s power in the Church.  I need friends with huge dreams and courageous vision. 

The people who get to live on the front lines of God’s work in the world aren’t the perfect ones.  They still have crap to deal with.  If you’re looking for a man or woman who God will use, keep an eye out for someone who has decided God is who He says He is, and that our mistakes are no match for His power. 

Last night’s experience reminded me of that. 

Are you willing to take God at His word?  Are you willing to believe that we’ve been given access to the power that raised Christ from the dead?  Are you willing to believe that God wants to build His kingdom, and that nothing, not even hell itself, can stand in the way?