I didn’t grow up in churches that observed much of the Church calendar. But last week, the vast majority of Christians in the world gathered for Ash Wednesday services and are now living in the rhythm of Lent. Because of my inexperience with this stuff, I’m pretty naïve about the whole thing. But, I’d love to learn.


What little I do understand is beautiful. I believe the most significant thing that has ever happened in human history happened when Jesus was crucified, buried, and raised from the dead. Preparing to remember and celebrate that with a season of fasting seems more than appropriate; it seems necessary. Last Christmas was undoubtedly the most disconnected I’ve ever felt from a holiday Holy Day. I don’t want to let the same thing happen to Good Friday and Easter.


Did you attend an Ash Wednesday service last week? Are you fasting in some way for Lent? Did you grow up with this stuff? Are you like me – a recent convert to the whole idea? Please, I’d love to hear from your experience. Jump in on this one. What’s all of this stuff like for you?