Sex For Sale devotional | Tuesday, March 24

We’ve been talking about the idea that reducing people to their physical sexuality reduces both them and us to something less than human.  Rob Bell tackles the same issue in Sex God in his chapter on Angels and Animals.  If you check out the endnotes in the back of the book, you’ll read this:

“Being fully human is our job.  Thinking and laughing and arranging and creating and relating and designing and nurturing and responding and reacting and pondering when googling became a verb and wondering and exploring and meditating and acting and making long lists of verbs and calling and talking and feeling and sharing and doubting if this paragraph is ever going to end and teaching and learning and jumping on a trampoline and sighing and celebrating and dancing and turning to the person next to you and saying: ‘This is living.’

“You can make your own list because you know what it is that makes you feel alive, what it is that feeds your soul, what it is that reminds you that the goal is to be fully human.  What’s on your list?”

That’s the question today.  What is it that makes you feel alive?  What is it that reminds you that you’re human?  Can you remember the last time you felt like more than a warm body?  When was the last moment when you felt like everything was integrated, when your emotions and your brain and your passions and your talent and your history and your hopes all came together in a moment of experience?  When is the last time you felt a deep, deep conviction in your soul that said, “THIS IS ME!”  Not some kind of fatalist resignation that says, “this is me… I’m stuck with this crap.”  Rather, some grounded, resolute discovery that you’re neither angel nor animal, neither all-spirit nor all-flesh, but some integration of the two. 

Was it your last camping trip?  How about when you quit that job that was sucking the life out of you and woke up the next morning feeling like yourself for the first time in ages?  Or that time when you were able to treat the people you love the way you’ve always wanted to, but haven’t always been able to?

Don’t those moments deliver something so different than the empty craving of a lustful encounter?  Consider what Jesus said:

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”
John 10:10

When have you experienced something that felt like life to the full?  Feel free to jump in on the comments.

God, don’t let us settle for a half-human existence.  Don’t let us sell ourselves short.  Restore a hunger in us for deeply human living in which we rediscover the people You made us to be.

In Jesus’ name,