Sex For Sale devotional | Friday, March 20

We've been working our way through the Sex for Sale series at GCC for two weeks now, and you guys have been amazing.  People are checking in from all over the country and all over the world (8,000 hits from 46 states and 17 countries!).  And a few of you are brave enough to speak up, too.  Friday's here, and we're going to do something similar to last week's wrap up.

The comments are all yours from now till Monday.  What questions do you have?  Is there something you've disagreed with?  Something that doesn't square with your experience?  Is there something you hope we'll address?  Has God moved in your life?  Have you taken a bold step?  It could be in response to the weekend services or the stuff you've seen here on the blog.  

This really is about the conversation.  It's about listening and learning from each other.  I've given you my best for the last four days, but now I'd do well to shut up and listen to you.  And the crowd of others who are reading along are curious, too.  What do you have to say?