Sex for Sale devotional | Friday, March 13

*here's the scoop on the SFS devos.

We're one week in!  Today's devotional is going to be a little different.  I've been writing these posts each day.  I spoke for four nights this week at some area youth rallies.  I've been talking a lot.  Now it's your turn.

It's a weakness in the church that we've come to think God only speaks through preachers.  There's incredible insight and strength that comes from sharing our stories with each other.  And I track hits on this blog, so I know that there are heaps of you following along with these devotionals each day.

We want to hear from you.  You don't have to leave your name.  No one (not even me) will know who left the comment, unless you want us to.  But we'd love to hear your story.  

Did you make it to last weekend's service?  What did you take away from it?  Did the art impact you?  The message?  Maybe just seeing a bunch of people in church willing to talk about sex?

Have you seen something differently this week?  Have you had to get honest with yourself or a friend?  Have you been encouraged?  Or challenged?  

Do you have more questions than answers?  Questions are great, too.  Sometimes voicing our questions helps others put words to the struggles they have faced.

So it's time for you to speak up.  What have you experienced for the first week of Sex For Sale?  

Ready?  GO!