this week

Back at it tomorrow!  This week:

a thought from Rob's message this weekend at GCC (once the video is available, I'll add the link)

bad words

more of the MERGE story (college age ministry at GCC)

another rock star introduction

and the debut blog appearance of my dog, Jack.  It's happening.  And there's nothing Tim Stevens can do about it.  (Most of you don't know that Tim is an outspoken puppy hater.  Once - I kid you not - he made a joke about my dog that involved euthanasia.  I have witnesses.  Be sure to keep an eye out for his next book, Simply Strategic Puppy Hating.  Or will it be Pop Goes the Pound: Should Dog Shelters Engage in Animal Population Control?)

And a few other surprises.  Hoping your week gets off to a great start...