liar or faithful

Sometimes it feels like I’d be lying if I said God is good.  There are times and trials that suggest something else about God.  Maybe that He’s distant or detached.  Maybe something worse. 

That creates a dilemma when you want to worship God.  Most of us have had our fill of the inauthentic, hypocritical showmanship that Brennan Manning refers to when he speaks of “Alleluia Christians who live only on the mountaintop and have never visited the valley of desolation.”  I don’t want to walk around with bruises and wounds all day and then put on a Christian shell with a televangelist smile when I walk into church at night.  I think we’re all tired of that game.  

But last night reminded me there’s another option.  Jeff, Dan, and Seth led us in a feel-it-in-your-gut-and-sing-from-your-toes 1st Wednesday experience.  Jeff pointed to Psalm 13 and reminded us that trust and trials go hand in hand.  Worshiping God when He seems removed doesn’t have to be hypocritical.  It could just be faithful.  There are days when I should trust what I know more than what I feel.  I should rely on what the Bible or 26 years of my own experience says more than I do on the current moment’s perspective.  I think that’s what maturity is. 

We’re starting another round of Journey Bible Classes next week.  In one of those offerings, I’m going to lead us deeper into the book of Psalms to look at some of those honest but faithful prayers.  I’m pumped.  The words in the Psalms strike close to home. 

Mark Waltz is on with How to Study the Bible, and Ron Craker is tackling parenting.  The only thing I hate about teaching Wednesday nights is missing out on teachers like them.  Whichever class you choose, I really hope to see you there!