i'm PUMPED about...

The upcoming Sex For Sale series at GCC
I love being a part of my church because we believe the Church ought to be bold, willing to speak truthfully into the areas of people’s deepest brokenness.  We ask ourselves where the world is darkest, and then run there with light.  I think this series is our next great chance to do that.  I’ll be posting weekday devotions for singles during the series here on the blog. 

Q Conference (Austin)
I was really hoping to make this work last year, but it didn’t come together.  Finally, in April, I’m off to Austin, along with Tim Stevens, Kem Meyer, and Trace Rorie.  I don’t want to lead from a narrow, naïve perspective.  If Q is everything it promises to be, we’ll have some boxes broken open by the challenges the Church is called to address, and we’ll be inspired by the kinds of solutions innovators are implementing.

WiredChurches workshops next week
We’re not offering the Worship Leader’s Practicum and Maximizing the Arts that were originally listed, but the Arts team will still be there to lead worship each morning.  You can bet every one of our teams will be offering church leaders our very best.  I’d love to see you there. 

Fanning the Flame Rallies at Nappanee Missionary Church
Technically, NMC has never been my ‘home’ church.  However, the student ministry there has a huge place in my heart.  I led worship for their summer camp for four years, and in that time joined the youth group for a lot of worship nights during the school year.  This time I’m heading back to speak, and I’m pumped.  Terry Bley and Derry Prenkert have been like big brothers to me, teaching me about ministry and giving me chances to learn the ropes.  I’m really grateful for the chance to be with their students again.