the college ministry epic, pt 6

In September ’08, we launched the new plan.  This time around, MERGE starts at 8:15pm every Wednesday night in a general-purpose room on the lower level.  Some nights we only hang around long enough to explain the activity and pass out maps to our destination.  Other nights we make that room a social space.  Here’s a sampling of the things we’ve done:

  • Change the World with $20
    Each group gets $20 and one hour to change the world for one person.  Take a picture or two and come back to show us what you did.
  • Speed-relating
    Like speed dating, only purely platonic
  • Bless Another Church
    Some kind of work project at another church.  You should see the look on a pastor’s face when you tell him you’ve got 50 or 75 college-age adults coming to serve their church for a couple of hours.
  • Holiday Feast
    Pretty much an old-fashioned potluck.  We stuffed our faces with turkey, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole. 
  • Landscaping at South Bend’s Center for the Homeless
    Other teams from GCC had worked on a new courtyard at CFH… we got to do our part.  Nothing like digging trenches and scattering topsoil at 10pm to build community!
  • Pumpkin carving and seed-spitting contest
    To be honest, we thought the seed-spitting would only interest a few, but I’m pretty sure everyone at MERGE gave it a try. 

Fall of ’08 was the best we’ve seen yet when it comes to breaking the ice and building community.  But we still had more adjustments coming in January.