ben sanders | rock star

Ben Sanders has had as much influence on your experience in a GCC service as anyone I know, but you may not recognize his face.  (Nice pic, yea?  He’s from Cali and we all hate him for it.)  He’s one of our video producers.  When he’s not working, we lock him up in a maintenance closet so MTV and ESPN can’t come recruit him.  I’m pretty sure they’d take him if they could only figure out where we hide the key.

His older brother is in town visiting.  Ben is up for the second rock star introduction because I’m still secretly trying to impress my older brother and I figure maybe the same is true of him. 

Ben has a style that’s as fresh as anything you’ve seen.  There’s a raw energy in his videos that hums like a guitar amp on overdrive, and yet they’re never overbearing.  He has as much dynamic range in his art as a good musician has in his. 

He was a drummer in a former life, so he brings a terrific rhythmic sensitivity to his projects.  A lot of the stuff he creates is used in sync with the band, and it feels like his videos are another instrument onstage.  The visual impact of his work takes a song performance from strong to explosive.

But his style and rhythm are really just accessories to the heart he has for the message that drives his work.  (I know that’s the kind of cheese pastors are supposed to drop when they talk about their teammates, but believe me when I say I don’t feel any obligation to flatter him.  If only you saw the way he harasses me in the office…)  Ben’s work has a soulful quality to it, and those of us who experience it at GCC have felt its impact over and over again.  It reflects the strength of Ben's commitments.  He's a lighthearted friend who jokes around as much as anyone, but there's a core of conviction that drives his work, and it shows.  

And Ben’s passion is matched by his sincerity.  It shows in his loyalty to his friends and his love for his wife, Vanessa.  She’s got a hero and a servant in him.       

Next time you’re at GCC and you see his name on a video, you’ll have some idea what kind of man is behind that great work.  And to those of you who think you’d like to have a guy like Ben on your ministry team… well, you’d have to find that maintenance closet first.