why i blog

It seems like adding my voice to the pile of blogs out there requires some justification.  I mean, there is SO much crap on the internet.  Who needs one more opinion?

I don’t want to be one more self-proclaimed prophet laying down my version of the law with a website.  And even if I was into that sort of thing… I’m not sure what I’d have to say.  I spend most of my life trying to stand on the one or two things I know while I try to figure out the millions of things I don’t. 

But my perspective has changed.  I never got full credit in math class for giving the right answer; I always had to show my work.  And I have benefited so much from people who had the courage and generosity to share their lives with me – not just the conclusions they’ve drawn, but the struggles along the way, too.   

So if I can be an encouragement to a few good friends, my church, and even strangers who are watching, I figure, why not?  I’ve done a lot of thinking about why I would blog, and after shaking off all of my cynicism, here’s what I’ve got:

Why do I blog?

Because I love my church but can’t personally connect to everyone who calls me ‘pastor’.  The people at GCC deserve everything I’ve got.  This is one more way to give it.

Because ministry and leadership are better when learning is shared.

Because I’d rather offer my journey than just assert my conclusions.

Because I need to practice being generous, not just with my money, but with my heart, too. 

Because the Church is better when many voices are shaping the conversation She is having.

Because the World is better when the Church finds a way to meet it on common ground. 

The shared conversation… the common ground… that’s where I’m hoping to land with this thing.  Welcome to commonjason!