If you follow GCC blogs, you’re aware that we’re in the midst of transition.  Some of it is bittersweet; all of it is exciting. 

Tomorrow (Monday) is my first day officially trying my hand at a new level of leadership.  I’ll have the privilege of leading our Creative Arts teams and joining the senior management team.  There are a few things I know for sure:

  • The people I get to lead are exceptional.  Their talent is staggering, but their sacrifice is even more impressive. 
  • The opportunities we have in front of us to impact our world are unprecedented.  What we’ve seen so far is just a taste. 
  • To whom much is entrusted, much is expected.  I’m painfully aware that my church and my God deserve my very best. 
  • I have a lot to learn. 

I sent an email to our volunteers right before Thanksgiving, and it sums up my feelings about what we’re a part of.  Here’s a portion of that message:

To the hardest working, smartest, most inspired group of Christ-followers I’ve ever known,

…we’re surrounded by people who need to know that they matter to God — in our families, workplaces, and neighborhoods.  Elsewhere, people assume that it’ll be purely a matter of luck or divine whim whether those people actually find out how much He loves them.  But not us.  We’ve discovered over and over again that we wake up every day with the chance to reach our community and our world.  We get to follow God’s lead in crafting an experience that He will use to shake the cynics, heal broken hearts, and call his sons and daughters home again.  And we get to do it together, side by side.  God has blessed us insanely and given us a staggering responsibility to serve Him, and I haven’t slept in about a week because of how much that excites me.  

I love you guys, I’m praying for you, and I’m deeply humbled by the chance I have to partner with the arts staff in leading and serving you…

I hope you’ll join me in praying for our staff, our volunteers, and our community.  We’re getting amped up for a new chapter in our ministry, and if the miracles that God has already worked are any indicator, we’ll be blown away by what He does next.