advent and the void

The 9/11 memorial in New York City has two massive square waterfalls carved into the ground where the Twin Towers once stood. The designer calls them the “voids”. They’re there to “render absence visible,” because there used to be two towers there, but they aren’t there anymore. There used to be thousands of people working there every day, but we lost 3,000 of them in the attack.  

A lot of things could have been done with that land. We could have built new towers in place of the old ones. It could have been paved over and redeveloped so that you would walk in that place and never realize what happened there. But instead we built the voids. It’s as if we’re saying, as a nation, something should be here that isn’t. And so we memorialize its absence. 

I wonder if Advent is a little like that. 

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Jason MillerComment