coming this fall...

This week we have more of an announcement than a typical post. Ordinarily I wouldn't want to use the blog for something like this. But what's coming up feels so important, so full of potential, and so close to my heart that I wanted to give it the attention it deserves. 

Ordinarily, we would wait to get word out on something like this until we have all the details locked and loaded and ready to view at We're not quite there yet on this, but I figured you guys would want to hear about this sooner than later. 

Our society is experiencing a crisis of dialogue. It is most evident when the stakes are high. We're digging trenches instead of building bridges. Theology, politics, economics, ethics have all become battlegrounds where every party looks to defeat the others. When I see the debates taking place in our culture, I feel defeated. Not because my position is losing. But because the mode of conversation ensures that everyone loses. This is not what God’s kingdom looks like. 

We believe we can do something about it. 

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