"whatever it takes" song available

Sometimes the ground crumbles beneath you.  You thought you knew who you were or what you were standing on, but then your identity gets shaken because of some disorienting moment that reinterprets your past or obscures your future.  

Sometimes the sky falls.  You were used to looking up to a God who seemed close at hand, who held everything together even when circumstances felt fragile.  But then you looked again and weren't so sure any of this really affirms the notion of that kind of God.  

I've been reading Moses' story and working with Ben, one of our video producers, on the story of a woman at our church to get ready to teach this weekend, and it amazes me how much we all have in common.  It doesn't seem to matter where we come from or when we live; sometimes reality seems too harsh and escape seems like the best option.  Sometimes our shortcomings make it hard to trust God to do His part.  

Several years ago, I was having a very hard time keeping my grip.  I felt like God had promised to see me through the hard stuff I was facing, but those promises seemed faint.  I went into the hospital, not really sure where this was headed, and I kept grasping for hope that seemed illusive.  The only thing I knew to do to keep my resolve was to sing something (I wrote in my last post that I pray better with songs than silence), so I wrote this song, "whatever it takes", and I've been returning to it this week as I think about all our stories and wonder what God might want to say to us in the next couple of days.  You can preview the song here, and if you'd like your own copy, head to the MY SONGS page to download audio or video.  

Hope to see you at GCC this weekend!

Whatever it Takes from Jason Miller on Vimeo.


"smallest part" song available

One of the reasons I originally started this blog was to have an easy way to give you guys my songs (there are two of them... don't get too excited).  I'm finally getting around to doing that.  

If you click on the link above that says 'MY SONGS', you can download audio and video versions of each.  One of the songs is called "smallest part", and it's a prayer song that I have to return to about once a week.  I've heard of pro golfers that take lessons after years on the tour, starting from scratch and rebuilding their swing because bad habits creep in on the tour.  I'm not a pro Christian, but I have been following Jesus for most of my life.  Still, it feels like I need to go back to square one and build all over again pretty frequently.  Bad habits creep in, like thinking I can do this on my own, or wanting to avoid God because I'm so far from what He is.  When they do, I need to pray, but I pray better with songs than silence, so this is one of my prayers.  

You can preview it right here.  Head to the download page if you'd like a copy. 

Smallest Part from Jason Miller on Vimeo.